A modern, hygienic solid waste system for Cluj

Citizens of Cluj County in north-western Romania will reap the benefits of an integrated solid waste management system that will preserve the environmental beauty of this area and bring improved health, employment and investment.

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The County Council of Cluj will be responsible for implementing this solid waste management project for the entire county. This will involve integrating the various elements of such a system – separation, collection, transport, treatment, recycling and disposal. Implementation of this project will ensure that Cluj County meets the country's national environmental priorities.

Citizen participation is fundamental

As part of this project, every household in Cluj County will receive three bins for the separate collections (for mixed waste, biodegradable waste and packaging waste) and, in addition, rural households will receive composting units to encourage them to process biological waste at home. A newly constructed sorting plant will be used to further organise the solid waste.

Three transfer stations will be built for the next step in the journey for household waste (in Huedin, Mihai Viteazu and Gherla). From there, the waste will be moved to landfill and, to this end, six non-compliant landfill sites will be closed and/or rehabilitated and one will be built in Cluj Napoca. Biological waste will be treated at a newly built simple mechanical biological treatment plant.

Making the waste system an asset

All 688 000 inhabitants of Cluj County will benefit from the decline in illegal dumping, reduced health risks and an improved environment thanks to this vital project. For example, 50 % less biodegradable waste will be landfilled and 55 % of packaging waste will be recycled as a direct result of this project.

It can only be successful if all citizens play their part so a public awareness campaign will be run to inform the public about reducing waste at source and separating it for collection.

Modernising the waste management system will also boost employment and make the area a more attractive destination for investment. During the during implementation phase of the project, 220 jobs will be created, with a further 250 created for its operation.

Total and EU funding

The project "Integrated waste management system in Cluj County" has a total eligible budget of EUR 52 899 193, with the EU's European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 38 773 186 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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