New hospital brings state-of-the-art care to younger generation

Built from scratch, the new paediatric hospital in Coimbra will replace the old hospital and take the regional health network into a new era to meet the needs of the younger population and provide world-class services.

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Once completed, the hospital will be 11 storeys high and cover a staggering 90 000 m2. Divided into four main zones, A to D, the new building will be fitted out to deal with physical, mental and emotional health problems.

Modern hospital in touch with the modern world

Today’s world throws up many challenges for health service providers when it comes to paediatric care, including a heavy demand for cutting-edge services and medicine, as well as wide-ranging mental health support. This project is taking up these challenges in the Centro region of Portugal with the construction of the new hospital.

The age group of 0–18-year-olds  looks set to benefit from state-of-the-art facilities covering child development, research, rehabilitation, psychiatry, surgeries, radiology, orthopaedics, a pharmacy, a sterilisation centre and much more. Technical, management and administration services will help ensure rapid and efficient handling of patients, their data and any follow-up required. A health and safety plan as well as the environmental impact of the hospital and its construction have also been integral parts of the project planning.

Health care in numbers

The project offers some impressive figures which give us a better understanding of the impact of the new hospital: 65 918 external consultations/year, 58 743 emergency service visits/year, 4 110 surgery operations/year, 107 wards and 188 diagnosis and therapy rooms, to name just a few.

Beyond the actual health services, there are many other features, including 600 parking spaces for easier access (five storeys underground), religious services and facilities, a department of education and research, and a staff canteen. As far as the project’s impact on employment is concerned, the employees working in the old hospital will be transferred to the new hospital.

A beacon of care for the future

The hospital is tipped to be the reference hospital in the region over the long term, with more capacity to look after the target group, better treatment conditions, more surgery capacity, improved working conditions for staff, and greater numbers of treatments for different pathologies.

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