Water and waste heading the right way

This project will modernise and further extend the water supply, waste water and storm water systems in Mikołów, resulting in higher connection rates to the sewerage system, improved service standards and reduced environmental impacts.

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A staggering 162 km of waste water mains will be constructed under the project, providing better services for residents, industrial plants, businesses and public service entities, at the same time boosting the region’s competitiveness.

More residents connected to system

The project was launched in response to the inefficient water system currently in place in Mikołów, Silesia Province. The company benefiting from the investment is Zakład Inżynierii Miejskiej, owned 100% by the Mikołów municipality. As it stands, only 61% of residents are connected to the sewage network. Upon project completion, the rate of sewerage network coverage will increase to a population equivalent (PE) of 99%, representing a total of 17 219 PE. 

With 162 km of waste water mains constructed, 29 km of rain water mains constructed, and a further 29 km of water supply mains modernised, the municipality expects the new infrastructure to contribute to enhancing the image of the region in terms of attracting investments, consequently boosting the region’s competitiveness. The project will also create direct jobs: 22 while the works are being carried out; 6 once the system is up and running.

Preventing risk to people and the environment

The impact of the project will be felt far and wide, notably contributing to equal opportunities, by giving residents in rural areas access to basic infrastructure. At the same time, the risk of flooding in lower lying residential areas will be prevented by improving the drain water system and also by enhancing the quality of services and infrastructure, with the replacement of pipes built from improper materials (asbestos-cement pipes).

The environment is a major consideration in this project. It will benefit through modernised sewer and storm water mains (currently in poor technical condition), closed up septic tanks (recently the cause of sewerage seeping into the ground and contaminating it), and better separation of sewerage and rain water systems. The latter will also dramatically improve how the water and waste water is managed. The management will be further assisted once new high-tech equipment is installed, notably a GSM/GPRS technology based monitoring system. This device will be used to obtain readouts of parameters and control the network at distance.

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