Water and sewerage network set for major overhaul

The development and modernisation of water and wastewater systems in Głuchołazy will result in greater numbers of residents connected to water supply and sewer networks (94% and 92% respectively).

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New reservoirs and purification systems as well as work on dozens of kilometres of pipes are key components of the project, and will ensure an efficient, reliable and healthy water and wastewater network for the region.

Thousands more residents connected

The two agglomerations of Nysa and Prudnik in Głuchołazy will be the main beneficiaries, with 5 825 inhabitants to be connected to the water supply network and 8 188 to the sewer system. The tourism sector, notably in the districts of Jarnołtówek, Pokrzywna and Konradów, is also expected to gain from the project. Once completed, there will be marked increases in the ratios of water supply and sewerage coverage, 84% and 64% in 2006, to 94% and 92% respectively in 2012.

Optimising the water process

In relation to water intake points and water supply systems, the following will be undertaken: modernisation of the surface water intake and the Biała Głuchołaska water treatment plant in Głuchołazy, comprehensive replacement of technical installations, and construction of a water intake point and water purification station in Sławniowice, including one operational and one reserve well located within the protection zone - the wells will feature controlled access and an above-ground, dual-chamber reservoir.

Other work includes the construction of a water reservoir in Skowronków (300 m3), 48 km of water supply network piping, 8 reduction chambers and 6 hydrophore stations, as well as the upgrading of 25 km of the water supply network. There are also plans to install a monitoring system and water-supply control system and purchase technical equipment for the current and future system.

Efficient handling of sewerage

For the sewage system, 98 km of sewerage connections (gravitational and pressurised) and 20 intermediate pumping stations will be built. For the combined sewer system, the works include the construction of 0.2 km of storm water drainage, the reconstruction of a 350 m section of the Młynówki Canal, the installation of a set of pre-treatment plants, and the dismantling of redundant infrastructure.

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