Water and sewage systems reach out to Żory residents

This project involves constructing a sewerage and storm water drain system, reconstructing the water mains, extending and reconstructing sewage treatment plants, and building a water treatment plant in Żory.

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With an eye on connecting more than 99% of the population to the local network, a further 117 km of the sewage system and 45 km of the storm water drainage system will be built, alongside the modernisation of 60 km of water mains.

Hooking up more Żory residents

The project is being run in the town of Żory where many residents, businesses, industrial plants and schools are either not connected to the communal drainage system or are supplied drinking water through pipelines in poor condition. Among the project aims is the desire to meet quality standards for the supply of drinking water and the wastewater treatment process.

Once completed, Żory will boast an infrastructure that collects and treats urban waste water in accordance with EU directives and Polish law. An additional 13 116 residents will be connected to the sewer system. As a result, 58 926 residents will be able to discharge wastewater into the public sewerage system, while four manufacturing/industrial plants and five public buildings (schools and pre-schools) will also be hooked up.

Improved network all pumped up

The 117 km of sewer system construction includes about 106 km of gravity sewers and 11 km of pressure sewers, plus 21 intermediate pumping stations and eight retention tanks. The project also includes 45 km of construction works on the storm water drainage network, and the construction of 17 wastewater and melt water treatment installations. The existing water supply network will also be expanded 60 km, together with the modification of many sections of the water pipes.

Elsewhere, the water intake plant in the Gwarków residential district has an approved operating capacity. However, due to pollution problems, a water treatment plant will be built, with output eventually reaching about 2 400 m3/d, or 100 m3/hr.

Continued high performance at wastewater plant

A major feature of the existing wastewater treatment plant in Żory is its high level of performance. Despite this, improvements are needed as regards greenhouse gas emissions and odours and the possibility of increased wastewater discharge. Plans therefore include increasing the sewage treatment capacity to 11 622 m3/d (70 000 population equivalent) with removal of all biogenic compounds (expansion of the biological section) and modernisation of the waste treatment process (stabilisation).

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