Waste management system helps fuel alternative energy source

A new waste processing plant in Poland will use new technology to obtain a high-calorific alternative fuel.

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This project envisages a new municipal waste processing facility in Olsztyn, in North East Poland. Other measures include the construction of an access road to the plant, as well as three transfer stations, where waste will be taken and deposited into containers. These transfer stations will be located in Polska Wieś, Medyny, and Trelkowo.

In addition, two waste collection points will be built in Medyny and Polska Wies, where residents or small firms can take potentially hazardous waste. The scheme also includes the closure and reclamation of landfill sites in eight municipalities, whose waste will be treated at the new plant in Olsztyn.

Green-friendly approach to handling household waste

These various measures will result in a major shakeup in the way municipal waste is collected in an area covering 37 municipalities.

Construction of the new plant will be based on biological municipal waste-processing, which involves the biological drying of waste in tanks for several days. This auto-thermal process produces a high-calorific alternative fuel.

As well as a more environmental-friendly means of processing municipal waste, the initiative should benefit the local economy with the expected creation of 60 new jobs.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the "Municipal waste-management system in Olsztyn and construction of a waste-processing plant" project is EUR 66 100 291 . The EU´s Cohesion Fund is contributing EUR 33 976 305 from the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment" for the 2007 to 2013 programming period, under the priority axis "Waste management and the protection of the earth."

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