Upgraded sewerage system to benefit people and the environment

Planned improvements to the water supply and sewerage system in Świętokrzyskie, Poland will connect more people to safe drinking water while dramatically reducing the amount of pollution entering the local ecosystem.

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The investment is intended to solve wastewater management problems in the Kielce agglomeration. Construction work will connect almost 20 000 inhabitants to a new sewer network, thereby reducing the need to use septic tanks and cutting the amount of wastewater discharge that directly enters the soil. In addition, renovation of the existing sewerage system will also help reduce the amount of pollutants entering the environment through groundwater, soil and surface water.

Safer water supplies

The project will improve access to safe drinking water by connecting 2 000 people to the water supply system. It will also help to reduce losses from the water supply system. And the installation of a monitoring system will increase control over water supply facilities and the sewerage network. Along with local residents and businesses, public utilities in the Kielce, Zagnańsk, and Barcza agglomerations the will benefit from the scheme.

Across the project area, an assessment revealed deficiencies in both the water supply and sewerage systems caused by inadequate sewer provision and poor quality or non-existent pipe-work. These issues will be resolved through the provision of about 229 km of new-build sewer network; 9.2 km of renovated sewers; about 19.5 km of new water supply network; and about 5.7 km of upgraded water supply network. Project implementation will increase sewer provision by 51.5 % in Zagnańsk, 7 % Kielce and 12.2 % in Barcza.

Operational objectives

The project will contribute to achieving Polish priorities for improving infrastructure and the environment. The owner and operator of the assets that result from the scheme will be Wodociągi Kieleckie Spółka z o.o., a company wholly owned by the inter-municipal association for the Kielce water-supply and sewage system Międzygminny Związek Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Kielcach.

During implementation the project is likely to generate 35 jobs and create 23 posts during the exploitation phase.

Total and EU funding

The project “Comprehensive Groundwater Protection in the Kielce Agglomeration” has a total eligible budget of EUR 113 137 713, with the EU’s Cohesion fund contributing EUR 75 721 939 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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