University of Warsaw to get new research centre

A new centre for biological and chemical sciences is to be built at the Ochota campus of Warsaw University with the help of the European Regional Development Fund. The new build promises to provide state-of the-art facilities and will have a strong focus on developing innovation that can be harnessed by the wider economy.

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Known as CENT III, this project will be developed in two stages: stage one is for construction of part of the centre (10 576 m²), together with the necessary access road and related infrastructure; stage two will see demolition of the radiochemistry building, which will then be replaced with the rest of the new research centre (10 456 m²), plus access roads and infrastructure. Work includes the provision of scientific and research equipment, hardware, software and furnishings. Stage one could also include a re-design of the Faculty of Chemistry building, along with the demolition of a livestock building and sub-station.

Innovative solutions

In all, the new centre will provide 133 laboratories along with seminar rooms and lecture theatres. The labs will create a need for about 40 new jobs by the end of 2019, including 25 new research and commercialisation posts. One of CENT III’s key objectives is to assist in the transfer of research findings from the biological and chemical sciences to industry. Work at CENT III will therefore focus on developing innovative solutions that have commercial potential/application in three particular research areas: new energy sources, environmental protection and the chemistry of biological compounds.

The CENT III research infrastructure will act as a platform for interdisciplinary research and will make it possible to provide services to companies active in the pharmaceutical, medical, energy, food and ecological sectors. The new facilities will provide a working environment for established first-class researchers, young scientists and technicians from Poland and abroad.

Open working

CENT III project results will be used by other research centres, and its labs will be made available to external users. Efforts will be made to forge links with commercial organisations which show an interest in marketing or applying the centre’s research results. To ensure success, marketing analyses will be conducted to establish the scientific and business demand for CENT III results. The analyses will focus on contract research and the potential exploitation of innovative solutions by the business and research communities.

According to projections, between 50 and 90 research projects will be using CENT III by 2019, rising to between 150 and 250 by 2022. The number of innovations (products and processes) implemented in businesses as a result of cooperation with the centre could be between 10 and 15 in 2019, rising to 20 to 30 by 2022.

Total and EU funding

The project “Centre for Biological and Chemical Sciences of the University of Warsaw – Ochota Campus” has a total eligible budget of EUR 66 797 570, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 56 777 934 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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