University campus welcomes new facilities

The Ochota campus at Warsaw University (WU) will soon be home to two new buildings offering the latest facilities for scientific and technical work and studies.

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The infrastructure will cover a total surface area of some 50 127 m2. Once completed, 2 011 students are expected to be using the facilities for studies, with many also taking advantage of its e-learning courses.

Greater educational opportunities

Until now, the technical infrastructure used by the departments of biology, chemistry and physics, as well as the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematic Modelling (ICM), has not been conducive to modern educational programmes. Furthermore, the current buildings do not meet European requirements in terms of working standards, room functionality, and health and safety standards. This project will address these restrictions by creating an interdisciplinary academic centre to educate specialists in modern technologies. The plan is to employ highly qualified staff and improve the organisation and management of the education system in place.

The beneficiaries will be wide-ranging: national and international undergraduate and doctoral students, academic teachers, higher education school teachers and students in technical fields. 1 666 people are expected to be studying technical and scientific subjects there, while an estimated 1 631 persons will be using the information technology provided, including e-learning facilities.

Buildings for the future

The buildings will be known as CeNT I and CeNT II, and will offer access for the disabled, as well as laboratory furnishings and equipment, furnishings for work and educational rooms, and computer equipment with the latest in ICT infrastructure.

CeNT I will cover 22 391 m2 and contain educational laboratories serving WU undergraduate and doctoral students as well as those from other educational institutions enrolled in biology, chemistry, biotechnology, informatics and environmental protection. It will have a computer room and technologically advanced informatics and tele-informatics infrastructure with net-based educational knowledge resources and databases. There will also be lecture and seminar halls, administrative and technical support rooms, as well as social rooms for students and employees.

The CeNT II building, covering 27 736 m2, will offer facilities for educational-scientific programmes in the field of physics and related fields. There will also be a range of general lecture rooms, library premises, administrative and technical support rooms and social rooms for students and employees.

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