Public transport network takes more on board

This project is designed to improve the public transport service in the city of Kielce and will involve reconstructing and constructing 5 186 km of roads as well as building new bus stops and bus stations.

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Once completed, the improved network will make getting around that much easier for the estimated 4.6 million additional passengers transported per year by 2013.

Helping boost competitiveness

The strategic objective of the project is to help enhance the region's competitiveness by improving the quality of its road infrastructure and public transport. The beneficiary of the project is Kielce municipality, notably the City Roads and City Transport Departments. It will handle the investments for given project tasks and retain ownership of the new assets once built and purchased, including the road infrastructure, buses and facilities for public transport users. In terms of employment, 289 direct jobs will be created while the project works are being carried out.

Eco-friendly and safe

Passenger safety and environmental protection are high on the agenda in this project, with efforts being made to improve the safety of both vehicle traffic and pedestrians, and also road traffic flows and accessibility to public transport for residents in the Kielce Metropolitan Area (suburban, metropolitan and regional transport). The purchase of 40 eco-friendly buses reflects the desire in the region to reduce the negative impact on the environment caused by certain transport vehicles.

The major works will include the construction of roads to improve transport links in the western part of the city, and the construction and/or modernisation of bus termini and bus bays (including two termini with social facilities for bus drivers). The work will be carried out at seven locations throughout the city: three bus termini and four bus bays. Seven intersections will also be built or modernised on main transport routes.

Smooth journeys

In an effort to help passengers along their journeys, three pedestrian subways will be built. Mobile ticket dispensing machines will also be made available and electronic information display boards and stationary ticket dispensing machines purchased and installed, adding to much improved mobility for residents and visitors.

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