Power plant takes steps to cut sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions

Kozienice power station generates 11 % of the country’s electricity and is one of the most important hubs in the national power grid.

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A major coal-fired plant in south-central Poland will install a new flue gas desulphurisation plant to extend power production and meet emission standards.

Poland’s second largest power station.

Kozienice power station, Poland’s second largest – and the largest coal-fired plant in terms of installed capacity - is adding a new desulphurisation plant to clean flue gases from one of its 500 megawatt (MW) generating units. This will reduce SO2 emissions from that unit to below 200 milligrams/m3.

The power station, which is located in the village of Świerże Górne, 80 km south of Warsaw and 13 km north of Kozienice, already operates two flue gas desulphurisation plants, but only one may be used by units 9 and 10, two 500 MW power generating units. The new desulphurisation plant is being added for use by unit 10 and will allow both 500 MW units to run at full capacity without exceeding permissible limits on SO2 emissions. It will also achieve a lower concentration of SO2 emissions than the existing desulphurisation plants.

The problem with sulphur dioxide

Sulphur dioxide, a gas released when burning coal, contributes to the formation of acid rain and particulate pollution, and represents a significant threat to human health. Overexposure to sulphur dioxide causes inflammation and irritation, leading to burning of the eyes, coughing, difficulty in breathing and chest tightness. People suffering from asthma and heart and lung diseases are at particular risk.

As well as sulphur dioxide, the new plant will also reduce emissions of other harmful pollutants including dust, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride and mercury.

Measurable benefits

The new unit will use the ‘wet limestone’ method to clean the flue gases. This is the technology best suited to large power plants. The net benefit of the investment will be a reduction in SO2 emissions of over 20 000 tonnes a year, while dust emissions will be cut by over 200 tonnes a year.

Total and EU funding

The project “Construction of flue gas desulphurisation system IOS III for the block nr. 10 – 500 MW in the Kozienice power station” has total eligible costs for funding of EUR 61 000 521, to which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 5 565 604 during the programming period 2007-2013.

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