Plans in the pipeline to improve water infrastructure

A new project will significantly improve the safety and quality of water supplies for thousands of Polish citizens. The programme involves a total modernisation of the waste water infrastructure in the city of Gorzow and five neighbouring municipalities in Gorzow Wielkopolski which, in total, serve a population of 125 000.

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This will cover all aspects in the collection, treatment and distribution of drinking water, including pumping stations, sewerage collectors, and wastewater treatment plants. There are also plans to rebuild or, where necessary, replace the water mains in order to increase the number of people with access to drinking water.

Under the scheme, aeration tanks will be modernised, and pipe components and fittings replaced.  Pressure sewers will also replace more traditional, but less reliable and safe, open systems, eliminating odour emissions.

Another measure is to gradually replace the potentially highly dangerous asbestos cement used to build sections of water mains from Janczewo to Gralewo and in Gralewo itself.

The overall objective of this investment is to improve the quality of water for human consumption and provide more people with access to the water mains. This project will also ensure the Polish authorities and utilities comply with EU water and wastewater directives.

When the works are finished a new 150 km-long section will have been added to the region´s wastewater network, while some 15.4 km of the existing system will have been modernised. Additionally, one wastewater treatment plant and three water treatment plants will have been modernised.

Tapping into safer and improved water supplies

The improvements are now underway, and implementation of the works will eliminate pipes containing hazardous asbestos. There will be several other spin-offs, including a reduction in soil, groundwater, and surface water pollution, while another expected benefit will be to neutralise sewage sludge.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the "Water and wastewater management on the territory of Zwiazek Celowy Gmin MG-6" project is EUR 83 719 870 of which the EU´s Cohesion Fund is contributing EUR 42 038 565 from the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment" for the 2007  to  2013 programming period under the priority axis "Water and sewage management".

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