Pioneering plant for plane parts gears up for take-off in Poland

A new aircraft component production plant is set to provide a major economic boost to the Lower Silesia region.

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The investment aims to establish a modern manufacturing plant, with a R&D department, and which utilises innovative manufacturing processes to bring high quality products to the market.

Activity will mostly focus on manufacturing, including machining, assembly and testing of technologically advanced aircraft components.

The site will cover around 4 000 m2 and includes a state of the art research and development department. Universities, and research and development institutions will also be involved in the initiative.

From design to delivery

Once fully operational, it is expected that the new plant will bring benefits to a range of local companies in its supply chain, as well as to those at the regional and nation level.

As such, small and medium-size enterprises stand to gain through what will be a complete manufacturing process, from design to delivery. But there is also the potential to optimise the global supply chain in the matching, assembly and testing of aircraft components.

Implementation of the resulting new technologies is likely to lead to an improvement in both cost- and quality-effectiveness.

The project is also boosting the local economy with the expected creation of 307 new jobs, including 140 in the R&D sector.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the "Establishment of an innovative production plant for significantly improved aircraft components" project is EUR 65 835 206, of which the EU´s European Regional Development Fund is contributing  EUR 12 108 121, from the Operational Programme "Innovative Economy" for the 2007 to 2013 programming period, under priority axis "Investments in innovative projects".

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