Paving the way in Poland

A major EU-funded project is set to boost speed and safety on the roads in Central Poland.

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The 'Trasa Gorna' road construction project in Lodzkie Voivodship (Lodz Province) will cut travel times by removing a transport bottleneck and creating a new shortcut, making journeys easier for families, workers, tourists and locals. It will cut travel costs and keep more traffic out of the historic city centre of Lodz. The new road has been designed to carry heavy traffic, at the same time as freeing up land for investment to the south of the city centre.

Multiple benefits from a single project

Overall, the new road will improve the quality of life for people living in or travelling through the region. Clearing land for investment to the south of Lodz is expected to bring social and economic benefits to the area, which is already known for its arts, history and education, and for its many natural parks. The Trasa Gorna route being constructed will include a 1.5 km diversion along National Road number 1, the main north-south connection in Poland, thereby freeing up traffic in this vital area.

Trasa Górna will be a public, toll-free road, accessible to everyone. It is expected to lead to over EUR 10.6 million savings in travel time for passengers, with an additional almost EUR 1.4 million travel time saved for freight. The number of accidents and fatalities is expected to drop on the rebuilt road sections, and 100 jobs are likely to be created during the project’s first two years.

Looking down the road

Trasa Górna will be a dual carriageway, with three traffic lanes travelling in each direction for most of the route. The project will entail building about 2.45 km of national road, as well as 0.27 km of upgrades to existing national road structures. Two- or three-lane entry and exit slip roads, as appropriate, will be included for transit to and from an existing road.

Key civil engineering works and other necessary facilities are also part of the project. These include tunnels and a viaduct, as well as street lighting, drains and slip roads. Tunnels have been designed to have two carriageways, running underground at an existing railway line. A viaduct will also be constructed at the railway line, running over the tracks and allowing traffic to exit at this point.

Street lighting and drains will be installed for almost the entire length of Trasa Górna, whilst technical infrastructure will be improved or added. This will cover telephone facilities, water supply, and electricity networks.

Total and EU funding

The project “Construction of the national road nr 1 Trasa Gorna” has a total eligible cost of
EUR 71 719 811, with the EU Regional and Development Fund contributing EUR 59 232 748 over the period 2007-2013. A national contribution of EUR 12 487 063 was made on top of this.

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