New water treatment facilities will improve quality of life

A project to improve groundwater protection in south-western Poland will connect more people to the sewer network and upgrade the drinking water supply system.

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While complying with the EU’s Urban Wastewater Directive and Drinking Water Directive, this project will improve water supply and sewer infrastructure in the Polish agglomerations of Opole, Prószków and Tarnów Opolski. The scheme is a continuation of work carried out under the previous EU Cohesion fund financing period, 2000-2006. Improvements made by the new project will help to protect the underground source of drinking water, which supplies Opolszczyzna with about 30 % of its needs.

The work will benefit 166 000 local people and, by completion, an additional 11 000 inhabitants will be connected to the sewer network. Connection rates will increase to about 98 % in Opole, 97 % in Prószków and 78 % in Tarnów Opolski.

Comprehensive work schedule

For wastewater, the project has the following components:

  • Construction of 24 km of sewer network, including connections;
  • Reconstruction of 8 km of the existing sewer network;
  • Upgrading a wastewater treatment plant in Opole, including the construction of a sludge drying unit which will be capable of handling 16 000 tonnes of sludge per year. In addition, specialised mobile equipment will be purchased for the drying unit.
  • Upgrading a wastewater treatment plant in Kosorowice (Tarnów Opolski agglomeration), including the construction of an additional biological treatment unit and secondary settlement tank, which will almost double the plant’s treatment capacity.

Work to upgrade the water supply covers:

  • Reconstructing 20 km of the water supply network;
  • Modernisation of the Zawada water treatment plant in Opole so it can handle throughput of 35 000 m3/day. Work will include upgrading the piping and filtering systems, plus construction and modernisation work in the technological hall.

It is estimated that 128 people will be employed through the project during implementation, and four during operation.

Total and EU funding

The project “Protection of the ground water source for the agglomerations of Opole, Prószków and Tarnów Opolski, phase II” has a total eligible budget of EUR 63 265 564, with the EU’s Cohesion fund contributing EUR 41 896 671 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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