New Vistula bridge to provide economic boost to Eastern Poland

A new bridge over the River Vistula aims to improve transport links in eastern Poland and to boost local economic development by making the region more accessible.

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Spanning two administrative provinces - Lubelskie and Mazowieckie – the major infrastructure project sees the reconstruction of the bridge over the Vistula that was destroyed during the Second World War.

Improving accessibility and stimulating growth

Construction is still in the early stages but, as well as providing a river crossing at Kamień, implementation of the project is designed to make the area more accessible, reduce travel times and improve transport links. Residents and transit traffic alike will now be able to avoid a one hour detour to the next bridge on the Vistula. The scheme will also improve road safety.

The project, it is hoped, will also boost economic development for the entire region, foster competitiveness and stimulate entrepreneurship. It is estimated that the project will create 650 jobs during its implementation.

The total infrastructure construction will be 1.8 km in length, including a 1 km long bridge over the Vistula, and access roads to Kamień. It will also involve construction of bus bays, vehicle weighing terminals and a road weather station at the entrance to the bridge.

The investment, co-funded by the European Union, is part of another related project - the construction and extension of the Konopnica-Kamień section of provincial road no. 747.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project "Construction of a bridge over the Vistula at Kamień, including the construction of access roads" is EUR 50 691 776, of which the EU´s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 42 603 422 from the Operational Programme "Development of Eastern Poland", under priority axis "Transport Infrastructure”, for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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