New tram boosts public transport and reduces environmental impact in Fordon district by Bydgoszcz.

Construction of a tram line to the Fordon district by Bydgoszcz increases the share of environmental-friendly public transport in this metropolitan area and improves transport links to the city centre of Bydgoszcz.

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The Fordon district tramline project will increase the share of environmental-friendly public transport and improve the functioning of the public transport system in Bydgoszcz by enhancing transport links in the district. The tramline improves transport links between Fordon district and the Bydgoszcz city centre, as well as links with the BiT-City metropolitan rail and other forms of public transport.

The project involves construction of a 94.7 km double-track tramline to the Fordon district, as well as construction of a tram bridge and interchange platform and purchase of 12 tram rolling stock.

As a result of the tram, an additional 2.6 million people will be served by public transportation per year.

Project goals and details

The tram will run from ul. Wyścigowa to ul. Geodetów/ul. Bora Komorowskiego/ul. Brzegowa, with an interchange platform at the Bydgoszcz Eastern Hub. The project also involves remodeling the road system along the length of the tramline.

Supporting infrastructure includes construction of a tram terminus loop, a passing loop, and two emergency loops; 14 tram stops, including an interchange platform integrating tram and railway; tram wires and a power supply system; a traffic control system on 13 intersections; passenger information systems on all stops; civil engineering works; and environmental protection facilities.

Road revitalisation encompasses adapting 18 intersections along the tram route and reconfiguring existing streets. Provisions for shared pedestrian and vehicular routes by reconfiguring existing pedestrian routes and constructing new sections of path will be undertaken. This will include reconstructing existing cycle paths and shared pedestrian-cycling routes and constructing new sections of (access) roads. Finally, existing infrastructure that is in the way will be dismantled.

Total Investment and EU Funding

Total investment for the project “Construction of a tram line to the Fordon district along with reconstruction of the road system in Bydgoszcz” is EUR 100 429 217, with the European Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 65 320 580 under the operational programme “Infrastructure and Environment” for the 2007-2013 programming period, under the priority axis “Environmental-friendly transport.”

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