New section of Poland’s A1 motorway under construction

A new section of the A1 motorway is currently under construction in the south of Poland. This 44-kilometre stretch of new road, which starts at the outskirts of the village of Pyrzowice and runs north to the town of Sośnica, is an important segment in the A1 axis, which forms the backbone of the country’s transport system.

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The A1 motorway, also known as the European Road E75, was started in 1997 and forms an important part of the North-South Trans-European corridor linking Scandinavia to the countries on the Mediterranean Sea. The A1 is also a vital artery for Poland’s economy as it links major ports on the Baltic coast with central and southern parts of the country and provides a modern transit route between Gdansk, Poland and Vienna, Austria.

This latest segment will reduce the traffic burdens on out-dated, poorly maintained roads and speed up the haulage time for freight coming from the north and south of the country, and beyond. Other road users can enjoy a smoother journey with better road surfaces and fewer traffic jams.

Safety is a top priority

This segment and the wider A1 motorway project is clearly very important for Poland for various reasons but road safety is a top priority. The Pyrzowice-Maciejów-Sośnica section will not only ease the burden of traffic on the existing national DK-78 road but provide a more modern alternative that will also result in a reduction of the number of road accidents. Safety professionals were engaged in overseeing the design and construction of the motorway to ensure that the appropriate safety measures were adopted and incorporated into the newly constructed road.

Maintenance of the motorway will be located at the Maciejów interchange where there will be: buildings housing administration and police; a hangar for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and salt trucks; storage/workshop; a hangar for Unimog-type vehicles and a loader; a storehouse for snow-clearing equipment; a transformer station; and a container for dangerous materials.

The planned motorway section will be also provide passenger services equipped with facilities for adults and children for those much-needed motorway breaks.

Benefiting the local area

An estimated 6 700 jobs will be created as a result of the construction of this new stretch motorway. The impact on the local area will also be significant not just by easing congested roads or reducing the pollution from car fumes, but also by bringing new business to communities adjacent to the motorway corridor, as well as giving a welcome boost to the housing market and tourism.

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