New rolling stock provides improved regional railway connections in the Warsaw metropolitan area

The purchasing of 14 new electric train carriages is improving accessibility to the railway network for people living in the south-west of Poland’s capital city.

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The carriages, known as electric multiple units (EMU), can be driven on their own or linked together. They have been introduced to improve passenger transport capacity on two lines operated by Warsaw Commuter Rail: line 47 which runs from Warszawa Śródmieście to Grodzisk Mazowiecki Radońska stations; and line 48 running from Podkowa Leśna Główna to Milanówek Grudów.

Easier commutes

This investment is designed to help the network cope with large numbers of passengers who use the lines to commute to work and school. In the long-run, the project offers wider benefits in terms of improving the economic and social cohesion of the Warsaw conurbation, while increasing local people’s opportunities in the labour market.

EMUs can be driven in either direction as they are equipped with two driver cabins. The new units meet regional and international standards for the construction and maintenance of rolling stock. Each carriage has 120 seats and can also accommodate 380 standing passengers. There are also four seats for disabled travellers. In addition, a passenger information system has been supplied for each EMU.

Meeting strategic needs

The project meets strategic needs laid down in a number of national and regional plans, namely:

  • The second strategic priority of the National Development Strategy, which aims at improving technical and social infrastructure;
  • The third horizontal objective of the National Strategic Reference Framework, which calls for the development and modernisation of technical and social infrastructure that is crucial to Poland’s competitiveness; and
  • Mazowieckie’s Operational Programme objective for improving the region’s competitiveness while enhancing its social, economic and geographical cohesion.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Rolling Stock for the regional connections in Warsaw Metropolitan Area” is EUR 68 463 460, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 26 415 935 from the Operational Programme “Regional Operational Programme for Mazowieckie” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period under the priority "Regional Transport System".

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