New road will improve traffic flow in Polish region of Silesia

A project to build a new 5.75 km section of the Drogowa Trasa Średnicowa (DTS) urban expressway between Katowice and Gliwice in Silesia, Poland will improve traffic flow and road safety while giving motorists a toll-free alternative to using the nearby A4 motorway.

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This scheme forms part of a wider project to improve the DTS along a 31 km stretch – the first 20 km of improvements has already been completed. The remaining sections of DTS west have been split into two sub-projects, including the one dealt with by this fiche. (The final section is subject to a separate application, which will be dealt with during 2012.)

This sub-project is for the construction of two three-lane carriageways from Kujawska Street to the A-1 motorway and two three-lane carriageways from the motorway interchange to the De Gaulle interchange in Zabrze. The latter stretch will include an emergency lane.

Complex works

From Zabrze the project route crosses over a small river and railways tracks before running above the A-1 motorway. In Gliwice it crosses over a flood plain which means the road has to be carried on an overpass – one of two such structures to be built as part of the scheme. Several bridges will be built to cross other roads, rail tracks and the river. A roundabout will be built to connect the DTS with Roosevelta Street in Zabrze and a tunnel will be dug under the road at Jaskółcza Street.

In addition, the project work schedule includes the following: construction of a viaduct; paths for pedestrians and cyclists, lighting, storm drains, acoustic screens for noise reduction and measures for environmental protection. There will also be some tree felling and demolition work. In the woodlands around Zabrze, animals will be able to travel under one of the scheme’s overpasses.

Śląskie Province will own the road when work is completed. However, various sections will be administered by the relevant district municipalities through which the road runs. The project is expected to create 1 294 jobs during the 24-month implementation phase, and a further nine jobs during the operational phase.

Total and EU funding

The project “Continuation of construction of cross-regional highway 'DTS – WEST' Zabrze-Gliwice, subproject 2, sections Z3 and Z4 in Zabrze and G1 in Gliwice” has a total eligible budget of EUR 128 204 515, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 76 544 048 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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