New production systems and investment in research and development for synthetic rubber company

Machinery and equipment for new synthetic rubber systems are required in order to respond to market demand. New research and development facilities and better systems are expected to create 162 additional jobs.

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New manufacturing processes

Synthos Dwory 7 is a limited company that specialises in the production of rubbers, latexes and polystyrenes. The investment allows for the installation of and implementation of new methods for the production of functionalised solution styrene-butadiene rubber, or SSBR X3. The increased production is needed to fulfil demand resulting from trends in the tyre industry. The tyre industry now accounts for 75 % of demand for artificial rubber and Synthos Dwory 7 is expected to capitalise on this investment by attaining a leading position in global innovation in the field of synthetic rubber.

Cooperation and innovation

Within the framework of the project, Synthos Dwory 7 will establish a full-time research and development department specialising in the creation and development of innovative products. The aim is to establish the company as a pioneer in the field of synthetic rubber. To this end, the research and development will feed back into the company's product portfolio, generating income and making the company more profitable overall.

The company will cooperate with the Polish science and research group, LifeScience Klaster Kraków in order to conceptual support and establish a link with the Fraunhofer Society, an organisation of 56 German scientific research institutions, in order to make use of their applied research and implementation knowledge.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Implementation of innovative manufacturing technology of SSBR X3 rubbers at Synthos Dwory 7” is EUR 138 786 818, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 29 400 219 from the Operational Programme “Innovative Economy” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. The priority axis under this programme is IV "Investments in innovative projects".

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