New expressway brings real benefits to motorists in north-east Poland

Construction of the S7 expressway road between Elblag and Olsztynek is paying dividend for both local people and long-distance travellers. The new 50 km stretch of dual-carriageway opened in 2012 and offers travellers higher speeds and consequently reduced journey times. The new expressway should also improve road safety in the region.

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This road forms part of the EU’s Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) route which links Gdansk and Warsaw in Poland with Budapest in Hungary. Billions of Euros is being spent through the TEN-T programme in order to improve transport links across Europe. The goal is to make it easier for people and goods to move in and between EU Member States. The project was implemented in 2011.

The road allows for maximum speeds of 100 km/h and can manage weights of 115 kN/axle. The S7 is already making a difference in terms of cutting journey times in the region. In 2013, time savings for passenger transport were estimated to be EUR 35 981 428 per year, and EUR 6 934 652 per year for freight transport.

Major scheme

Along with building the double-lane expressway, this project paid for a new access road in Elblag, four passenger service areas (plus two reconstructed), and a number of roundabouts and interchanges. Construction of smaller access roads, bridges and sewerage/drainage facilities also formed part of the scheme. In addition, road safety measures and noise barriers were integrated into the design, as were animal crossings and wildlife corridors.

The work fell under the EU’s “Infrastructure and Environment” Operational Programme for Poland. Between 2007 and 2013 the Community invested about EUR 28 billion through the programme in order to improve the country’s technical infrastructure, including road, rail and air transport connections. This was also the largest ever Operational Programme in the whole of the EU.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Construction of the S7 expressway from Elbląg (S22) to Olsztynek (S51), along the Elbląg – Miłomłyn section” is EUR 476 976 630, of which the EU’s Cohesion Fund is contributing EUR 356 749 482 from the Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. Work falls under the priority “TEN-T Road and Air Transport Network”.

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