New chemical plant offers innovation and efficiency

A project for the construction of an innovative production plant in western Poland which manufactures ultrapure monochloroacetic acid (UP MCAA) provides a boost to the local economy while minimising environmental impact.

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UP MCAA is a highly reactive substance used in the manufacture of a variety of chemical and semi-finished products in areas such as food production, pharmaceuticals, beauty care and the paper industry. The new plant is capable of producing 42 000 tons of acid every year. The investment also pays for the development of an R&D department and is expected to create 151 jobs in supported enterprises – including small businesses.

Market benefits

The plant is being built in Lower Silesia, which is already home to a number of companies in the chemicals sector. Completion of the project will make it possible for PCC MCAA to establish a competitive position in the marketplace for what is regarded as a novel product.

The principal innovation is delivered through part of the acid production process, which reduces losses of catalytic and raw materials while using small amounts of energy. In addition, the plant delivers stable, efficient and continuous operations – and produces lower emissions of chloro-derivatives.

The new facility is located near to an existing, modernised electrolysis plant that produces chlorine, hydrogen and caustic soda, thereby allowing for on-site processing. This provides a safety dividend because the chlorine does not have to be transported over long distances.

New equipment

The project investment includes elements of construction and equipment purchase. For example, a crystallisation plant and a purification/absorption plant for hydrochloric acid will be constructed. Building materials, machinery and equipment will be bought, including: thermal decomposition reactors and crystallisers, which are linked to the production installation; machinery and equipment for the production of UP MCAA in liquid form; appropriate automated and electrical systems, insulation and heating: a catalyser; and materials and machinery for the solidification plant.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Innovative production plant for ultrapure monochloroacetic acid (UP MCAA)” is EUR 68 573 053, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 14 332 892 from the Operational Programme “Innovative Economy” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. Work falls under the priority “Investments in Innovative Undertakings”.

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