New broadband network means better internet access

People living in remote areas of Wielkopolskie in western Poland can look forward to better information society services thanks a project to construct a 4 000 km long fibre-optic broadband network.

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A lack of ICT infrastructure has meant that people living outside the region’s towns and cities have had to put up with inferior broadband services. This investment, which includes the laying of more than 5 000 km of fibre optic cable, promises to bring the majority of the population up to speed. It will also incentivise telecoms operators to construct a “last mile” network for homes and businesses.

Improving connections

The new network means that 72 % of the local population can access Next Generation Broadband (NGA) services, up from 49 % before the start of the project. NGA services provide faster (+24 Mb/s), better quality broadband services. At the same time, the investment will mean that 96.5 % of the population can access basic internet services, up from 92 %. All told, 790 000 people are expected to be able to use NGA services thanks to the scheme, with a further 150 000 hooking up to basic broadband services.

This project contributes to objectives laid down in the EU’s Digital Agenda for Europe initiative, which include making sure that everyone has access to basic internet services by 2013 and that 50 % of citizens can use faster services by 2020.

The project is expected to generate 120 jobs upon completion.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Broadband Network for Wielkopolska Region” is EUR 83 432 563, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 67 079 781 from the Operational Programme “Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period under the priority “Communication Infrastructure”.

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