New brake disc plant brings jobs and innovation

A foundry has been built in southern Poland to manufacture brake discs for the automotive sector. The new plant has created jobs and uses innovative methods of production to bring a cutting-edge product to the marketplace.

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The new foundry which is operated by Brembo Poland boasts an innovative, custom-made production line that allows for the manufacture of brake discs that offer higher levels of safety. The discs made in the foundry provide enhanced mechanical and thermal resistance, improved resistance to thermal shock, better heat dispersion and a significant reduction in micro-cracks generated by the braking process.

High-tech solutions

Construction of the foundry took place in four stages. Firstly, the foundry building was built along with outbuildings, internal roads and communications facilities. Then, the components required for the production line were ordered. Stage three saw the installation of machinery and equipment, calibration of the production line, and the commencement of a start-up trial. Stage four saw the start of full production, with volumes being gradually increased.

The foundry’s highly automated production line offers a number of innovations including a sand mould preparation system to extract bentonite clay. The goal is to reduce the use of bentonite in the production process. The line also allows for the production of cast iron with a low silicon content, for which a patent is pending.

Machinery and equipment has also been installed for the moulding line – including automatic inspection devices – the melting line, the core production line and the dust removal installation. Other equipment includes storage racks, tools for the maintenance department, measuring instruments for the quality team and apparatus for the pattern-making section.

Collaborative research activities

The plant has established a research and development department which aims to work with the Silesian University of Technology. The collaboration will focus on optimising production processes. In addition, Brembo will develop links with local SMEs, particularly those which participate in the Silesian Automotive Cluster. The foundry is also committed to introducing environmental technologies and to finding new markets for its products in the various automotive sub-sectors.

It is estimated that after implementation of the project 126 direct jobs will be created, as well as a further 579 indirect jobs.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Diversification of production by introducing brake discs with enhanced security” is EUR 92 174 605, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 13 454 181 through the “Investments in innovative projects” priority of the “Innovative Economy” Operational Programme for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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