Modernization and extension of water and sewage system for Nowy Sącz

The project is partly a continuation of the project “Economic development of the Nowy Sącz subregion through construction of urban infrastructure”, financed as a part of the Phare Fund 2002-2003 Social and Economic Cohesion (project No 62002/00-605-06.05).
The purpose of the project is to organize the water and sewage management in the city of Nowy Sącz, the city and the municipality of Stary Sącz and two municipalities: Nawojowa and Kamionka Wielka.
The main objective is to:
meet the inhabitants’ needs as regards water supply through the broadened access to the water supply system;

  • meet the inhabitants’ needs as regards collection of wastewater by broadened access to the sewage system;
  • increase in water production capacity in Stary Sącz intake;
  • reduce water losses in the water supply systems by modernization thereof;
  • reduce the amount of infiltration water getting into sanitation system network through modernization of evident leakages in the sewage system;
  • guarantee the assurance of wastewater treatment to the required level;
  • improve surface water - decrease the quantity of the loads of pollution discharged to the environment.

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Project description:

The project involves:

  • the modernization and extension of water purification plant in Stary Sącz;
  • the construction of about 70 km of water supply systems (with construction of pumping stations, hydrophore stations and stabilizing reservoirs);
  • the modernization of about 2 km of water supply systems;
  • the construction of about 174 km of sanitary sewage system;
  • the modernization of about 8 km of sanitary sewage system,
  • the shutdown of the wastewater treatment plant Biegonice in Nowy Sącz.

What are the project likely benefits?

As a result of the implementation of the project the water supply system will be connected to around 8 000 inhabitants of the cities of Nowy and Stary Sącz and municipality Nawojowa (expected data for 2011).
As a result of the implementation of the project, the sewage system will be connected for about 18 900 inhabitants of cities Nowy and Stary Sącz and municipalities of Stary Sącz, Kamionka Wielka i Nawojowa (estimated data for 2011).

What are the project likely environmental benefits ?

Through the extension of the wastewater collection system, the project will contribute to protection of fresh water resources in the area and decrease potential  health hazards caused by environmental pollution due to discharging of untreated or insufficiently treated wastewater to water or soil.
The modernization of the water purification station will ensure reliability of supply of drinking water of appropriate quality, which will contribute to fulfilment of basic health and economic needs of the local community.

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