Managing water for the good of citizens and nature

This investment programme concerns the Nowa Sól agglomeration and neighbouring municipalities and includes building and modernising facilities for managing water and waste water treatment, including storm water sewerage.

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As a direct result, an additional 9 635 permanent residents will be connected to the new sewer network and 469 to the water network; some 22.6 km of new water pipes will be installed, another 26.5 km modernised.

Balancing economic aims and environmental stability

The decision to launch this project stemmed from the desire to establish a basis for social-economic growth, at the same time taking care of the wealth of nature and landscapes in this area, an important feature for attracting tourists. Apart from those visiting, some 47 000 local residents in Nowa Sol and adjacent municipalities will be the main beneficiaries of the upgraded water system. Direct jobs will also be created under the project, 50 in the initial development stage, another 16 once the network begins operations.

New way forward for water sectors

The water management sector looks set to embrace a change of direction, with the development and modernisation of the water treatment station in Nowa Sol, the replacement of water pipelines in Nowa Sól, construction and repair works of the water supply system in Nowa Sol, and construction of the water supply system in the towns of Nowe Zabno and Ciepielow.

For the sewer and wastewater sector, the main works will be the development and reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant in Nowa Sol and the construction of a sanitary sewage system network for the Pleszowek housing estate in Nowa Sol. For nine towns and districts, namely Modrzyca, Otyn, Stare Zabno, Rudno, Lubieszow, Wrociszow, Kielcz, Ciepielow and Nowe Zabno, a sanitary sewage system will be built.

Network brings far-reaching benefits

The enormous extent of work will result in a combined sewer system 101.8 km in length, new water pipes covering 22.6 km, 65 units for sewer pumping stations (including 1 central pump station), 26.5 km of upgraded water pipes, an upgraded wastewater treatment plant and water treatment utility, and 5 rainwater pumping stations.

Ultimately, there will be major improvements to the quality of surface waters and reductions in the level of pollutants discharged into the environment, in turn improving how the local ecosystem functions and ensuring that biological diversity is not lost, with secondary benefits for the health of citizens and tourists, and also the image of the region.

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