Making Rzeszów’s public transport system go green

With a new integrated sustainable transport system, the municipality of Rzeszów, in southern Poland, improves traffic flows and incentivises a shift from individual to public transport.

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The project includes the purchase of environmentally friendly buses, the renovation of road infrastructure, and the installation of an intelligent transport system (ITS). It is aimed at providing comprehensive, high-quality, safe public transport that is accessible to all, and sustainable from economical, spatial, ecological, and social perspectives.

Rzeszów municipality hopes to increase the number of people using collective transport and it is estimated that reduced journey times on public transport, reduced traffic congestion and a lower number of accidents will lead to about EUR 6 069 312 of time savings per year. Thanks to the new vehicles, travel will become easier for people with reduced mobility. In terms of environmental aspects, public transport should become “greener”, and negative impacts on the population – like noise pollution and vibration – will be reduced.

Equipment and infrastructure

The scheme includes the purchase of 80 urban buses, comprising 30 diesel buses, 30 XNG buses, and 20 diesel minivans. In addition, about 8.6 km of roads are being renovated or extended, 11 intersections upgraded, and bus lanes created on 6 km of roads in Rzsezów.

One of the most innovative features of the project is the new ITS. Four IT systems will be installed, which can then be used to design smart traffic solutions for the public transport network. The system will also provide up-to-date transport information for users online, and minimise the impact of incidents on the network, thereby reducing congestion and improving the overall traffic flow. The ITS comprises a network centre and a decentralised microwave transmission system.

The project is expected to create 320 jobs during its implementation phase.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Construction of an integrated public transport system in the city of Rzeszów and the surrounding area” is EUR 94 464 287, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contributing EUR 78 847 672 through the “Development of Eastern Poland” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period, under priority axis 3, “Regional Growth Centres”.

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