Major investment provides better railway services and connections

Residents of Kraków and its neighbouring municipalities are enjoying safer, more efficient train services thanks to a huge programme of investment. The modernisation should also encourage travellers in the metropolitan area to leave their cars at home when visiting the city.

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The project called for the upgrading of infrastructure along 5.3 km of railway line 109 together with a revamp of Kraków Central Station, the construction of new parking facilities for the Park and Ride service and the installation of passenger monitoring and information systems.

Quicker journeys

Modernising the line increases train speed limits, thereby reducing travel times across the local network by an average of around 2.5 minutes. As well as making train transport more efficient and attractive to local people, the upgrades enhance the quality of inter-regional connections, increasing accessibility to Krakow and its surroundings. In particular, the changes greatly benefit people living in nearby rural areas.

Over the longer term the scheme will help to increase the competitiveness of Kraków’s metropolitan area, while making public transport safer and more environmentally friendly. By making the railway more appealing and efficient, the hope is that more people will take the train as opposed to visiting the city by car.

Complex scheme

The programme of works was divided into four tasks:

  • Upgrading Kraków Central Station together with work to manage passenger flow. This included: platform and lighting upgrades; construction of railway tracks and protective layers in the underground station; building an underpass; and installing a passenger monitoring and information system.
  • Modernising the railway line from Kraków Bieżanów to Wieliczka Rynek in order to improve technical and operational parameters. Work included upgrading platforms, the track, electrical and telecommunications networks, signalling devices and engineering structures. In addition, a new stop has been built at Bogucice, which is located between Kraków Bieżanów Drożdżownia passenger stop and Wieliczka station.
  • Construction of the car park at the Park and Ride in Wieliczka. Works included installation of interchanges at the station and at the Wieliczka Rynek passenger stop.
  • Installation of a passenger information and monitoring system, along with the erection of interchange signposting, at Kraków Łagiewniki passenger stop.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Integrated Public Transport System in the Kraków Conurbation” is EUR 52 917 817, of which the EU’s Cohesion Fund is contributing EUR 19 983 269, from the Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment”, for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. Work falls under the priority “Environment Friendly Transport”.

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