Launch of rail transport services for Warsaw’s Fryderyk Chopin airport

The project is an urban transport scheme benefiting Poland’s capital city of Warsaw. It involves the acquisition of 13 modern electric trains, which will be used to operate passenger rail services on the line linking Warsaw’s Fryderik Chopin airport (south-west of the city) with areas to the east and north of Warsaw via stations in the city centre itself.

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The project’s overall goal is to safeguard the sustainability of the public transport system in and around Warsaw and consolidate the role played by mass transit services within the overall transport network available. The key socio-economic benefits derived from the project include faster operating times for journeys made on public transport, an easing of environmental pressures and a reduction in the number of car accidents on the region’s roads.

Sleek, modern trains

The acquisition of the 13 brand new EMU electric train units is designed to improve the provision of environmentally friendly public transport services for the inhabitants of Warsaw and its metropolitan area by introducing faster rail services to and from Fryderyk Chopin international airport. This will help to achieve a major objective being pursued as part of the "Infrastructure and Environment" Operational Programme.

More specifically, the project promotes the development of the region's technical infrastructure, with the expansion of public transport helping to protect and enhance the regional environment. Better public transport also acts as a boost for territorial cohesion. The number of passengers carried by the urban transport authority (SKM) is expected to grow steadily, from a forecast figure of 2.5 million in the project’s first year (2012) to over 4.5 million a year by 2040.

Modal shift from four wheels over to rail

As a result of the project implementation, journey times by train from Okecie airport to the centre of Warsaw should be cut from slightly over 27 minutes to just under 22 minutes, equivalent roughly to a 20% saving in terms of time.

SKM wants the new link to entice people away from using their private vehicles for journeys and, at the same time perhaps, also win over passengers from competing bus services.

By providing faster rail services to and from Warsaw's Fryderyk Chopin international airport, the project aims to increase the amount of environmentally friendly public transport on offer to the inhabitants of Warsaw and its metropolitan area. The new rolling stock will meet tough safety standards, thereby helping to generate a significant increase in the number of rail users. The new train units will also provide disabled-friendly boarding facilities.

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