Improvements on the horizon for managing water and wastewater

The comprehensive improvement of water and wastewater management in the city of Bielsko-Biała lies at the heart of this project. The result will be more residents supplied with a sewage system and sewage treatment and a cleaner Biała river (Vistula river basin) and tributaries.

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The works will involve the construction of five pumping stations and a 143.5 km long sanitary sewage system, as well as upgraded and newly constructed sections of water supply lines (16.6 km and 8.5 km respectively).

Network overhaul targets compliance with standards

Over the years, deficiencies have been identified in the water supply and wastewater system in Bielsko-Biała, notably the system not reaching various districts, as well as the partial lack or low quality of the existing water supply lines in the neighbourhood of the planned sanitary sewage system. The key objectives of the project are therefore to increase the level of accessibility to the sanitary sewage system, to treat wastewater in the Komorowice and Wapienica wastewater treatment plants in accordance with EU and Polish standards, and to provide residents with water from the water supply system.

Services accessible to more people

The districts benefiting from the project are Komorowice Ślaskie, Stare Bielsko, Komorowice Krakowskie, Lipnik, Kamienica, Olszówka and Mikuszowice Ślaski. The works will primarily cover sanitary sewage lines, pumping stations and water supply lines. In the Bielsko-Biała Komorowice agglomeration, approximately 136 km of wastewater lines will be constructed, enabling the connection of some 16 550 people, while in the Bielsko-Biała Wapienica agglomeration some 7.5 km will be constructed, connecting about 900 people. The sewage generated as a result of this project will be directed to the wastewater treatment plants in Komorowice and Wapienica.

Greater competitiveness, cleaner environment in sight

The beneficiaries of the new facilities will include businesses, in the form of a boost to the region’s competitiveness given the greater access to infrastructure. Residents also stand to gain from a higher quality of life, while the environment gains in terms of better protection of the main groundwater reservoirs from pollution by untreated communal and industrial sewage. The Biała river (Vistula river basin) and its tributaries will also receive direct protection and thus benefit from increased cleanliness.

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