Improved road network to enhance mobility and time efficiency in southern Poland

A new section of the S7 expressway in the Świętokrzyskie province of southern Poland, between Radom and Jędrzejów, is expected to improve transit traffic, enhance road safety, and increase mobility in the region.

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Specifically, the project will involve the construction of 22.73 km of new road of the S7 expressway from Radom (Jedlińsk) to Jędrzejów, on the section from Kielce (national road No 73, Wiśniówka interchange) to Chęciny (Chęciny interchange), with additional upgrades to a 1.37 km section of the existing road network (national road No 74). Located in the central part of Świętokrzyskie Province, this new section goes through many cities from the Kielce District: Masłów, Miedziana Góra, Kielce, Piekoszów and Sitkówka-Nowiny, and Chęciny.

This investment will improve the quality of the Świętokrzyskie Province's internal transport links and therefore enhance road safety and increase mobility in the region.

State of the art infrastructure

Construction has already begun on the S-class dual-lane expressway. As part of the construction, three new interchanges will be built at Kostomloty, Jaworznia, and Chęciny. In addition, construction of 34 ancillary structures is planned, including flyovers and bridges. The installation of environmental protection and road safety features has been prioritised, with noise barriers, passenger service areas, and cycle paths incorporated into the design.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Construction of S7 expressway, section Radom (Jedlińsk) - Jędrzejów, Kielce by-pass” is EUR 208 976 350, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 157 046 613 from the Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period, under the priority axis VIII "Transport safety and national transport network".

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