Construction of the sanitary and storm water sewerage and waste water treatment plants in Tarnowskie Góry, Phase I

The overall investment programme in the area of waste water treatment and collection for Tarnowskie Góry includes construction and modernisation of the waste water and storm water sewerage and construction/upgrade of the waste water treatment plants. The programme will be conducted in two phases. This project forms a part of phase I. Phase II will cover construction of sewers in catchments of the Repta and Leśna waste water treatment plants.
The project aims at bringing the waste water treatment up to the standards required by the national and EC legislation, in particular it will address insufficient capacity of waste water treatment plants, leaking and damaged sewers and inadequate sewage disposal.

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Project description

The project covers the construction of a new waste water treatment plant with the capacity of 4500 m3 per daywhich will replace the existing outdated waste water treatment plant "Śródomieście" and the construction and modernisation of the sanitary and combined sewerage (including household connections) in its catchment. The following districts are concerned by the works: Śródmieście-Centrum including housing estates Kolejarz – Staszic, Lasowice, Sowice, Osada Jana, Bobrowniki Śląskie, and a part of Stare Tarnowice district.
The rain water sewerage (including connections) will be constructed and modernised in the following municipality districts : Śródmieście-Centrum, Bobrowniki Śląskie, Lasowice, Sowice andOsada Jana.
The project also foresees land acquisition, reconstruction of road surface, technical assistance for the contract engineer, project implementation and preparation of Phase II.

What are the project likely benefits?

The project will improve effectiveness and efficiency of waste water treatment and collection in the municipality of Tarnowskie Góry for about 55 thousand inhabitants. The connection rate after completion of this project is estimated at 94% and 99% after implementation of the whole programme. Reliable and compliant waste water services will in turn make Tarnowskie Góry a more attractive place for investors.

What are the project likely environmental benefits ?

By improving wastewater collection and treatment, the project will achieve reduction of organic and nutrient pollution load discharged into environment. Significant environmental benefits will also stem from the elimination of groundwater and subsoil contamination thanks to the rehabilitation of wastewater collectors and elimination of leakages. Implementation of the wastewater management programme in the area of Tarnowskie Góry will improve quality of surface waters in this area, in particular quality of water from the Stoła and Drama rivers, and indirectly also the Odra river and the Baltic Sea, ground water, and underground water resources.

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