Construction expressway along Gdansk’s southern ring road brings major benefits

A project to build a 17 km stretch of the S7 expressway as part of Gdansk’s southern ring road has helped to reduce traffic congestion, improve traffic flows and cut journey times.

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This section of road forms part of a wider scheme to build the southern ring road around the city in order to connect Gdansk’s main national and international roads. The completion of the ring brings widespread benefits including a reduction in heavy load transit traffic in the city centre, a reduction in journey times from the eastern part of Gdansk to Gdynia, and better traffic flows and travel conditions to and from the centre of Gdansk.

Construction of this particular section of S7 expressway – which was opened in 2012 – also brings general travel benefits to the one million people who live in the Tricity conurbation, which consists of Gdansk, Gdynia and nearby Sopot.

The expressway also forms part of the Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T) road corridor which connects Helsinki with Warsaw. The European Union is investing billions of Euros in the TEN-T initiative in order to improve transport links so that people and goods move more easily between Member States.

Time savings

The scheme provided 17.84 km of new expressway – two carriageways, each with two lanes – along with the upgrade of a 2.9 km stretch of the S6 road. In addition, a number of engineering structures were built along the route including roundabouts, viaducts, interchanges, bridges and flyovers. Environmental protection systems and road safety facilities were also included in the works package. The new road can cater for traffic speeds of 100 km/hours and handle loads of up to 115 kN/axle.

Time savings in 2013, the road’s first full year of operation, were approximately EUR 13 296 821 for passenger transport and EUR 2 884 877 for freight traffic. The project provided 34 jobs during the implementation phase and 12 posts have been created since it came into service. A toll is in operation along the expressway section.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Construction of the S7 expressway, section Gdańsk (A1) – Koszwały (Southern Ring road of the City of Gdańsk)” is EUR 363 362 894, of which the EU’s Cohesion Fund is contributing EUR 270 136 861 from the Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. Work falls under the priority “TEN-T Road and Air Transport Network”.

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