Complete overhaul for Czempiń–Poznań section on railway line E59 Wrocław–Poznań

The modernisation of the 32 km stretch of railway benefits passengers and freight transport operators by upgrading a section of the Trans-European Transport Network.

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The project will bring the infrastructure in line with European technical specifications for interoperability, allowing for speeds of 160 km/h for passenger traffic – including 200 km/h in certain parts – and up to 120 km/h for freight traffic. This leads to significantly shorter journey times, which are estimated to add up to time savings of about EUR 23.4 million per year from 2016.

It is also hoped that the project will improve the surrounding environment, and give a boost to sustainable transport. To this end, it is included in the “Master Plan for Railway Transport in Poland to 2030”. Furthermore, the project contributes indirectly to the achievements of the goals of the Baltic Sea Strategy, as it enhances the regional profile by making the region more attractive and easily accessible, and improves cross-border communication in the Baltic Sea area.

Part of a trans-European railway corridor

The refurbished stretch between Czempiń and Poznań is a key section in the Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) Network. It belongs to railway corridor E59, which traverses Europe from Malmö to Vienna via Szczecin, Wroclaw, and Prague. The project is also part of a bigger investment that aims to modernise the railway infrastructure between Wroclaw and Poznań.

Infrastructure and dependent works

Besides the modernisation of the main tracks, track systems, and substructures, the project includes a range of associated works. Thus, seven bridges and as many viaducts are being constructed or modernised, while eight underpasses and 14 culverts are planned. Out of the currently existing 29 rail crossings, 17 will be rebuilt and the remaining 12 eliminated in order to improve safety.

Approximately 85 km of overhead power lines will be dismantled, and an entirely new power supply network will be built. In addition, new signalling systems and new automatic line blockings will be installed. The project also includes the replacement of the telecommunication network along the line, and refurbishment of platforms and buildings.

Environmental protection installations are foreseen as well, including seven animal passages, acoustic barriers, and drainage systems.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Modernisation of railway line E 59 on section Wrocław-Poznań, stage III, section Czempiń-Poznań” is EUR 220 723 051, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 103 529 794, through the “Infrastructure and Environment” Operational Programme, for the 2007-2013 programming period, under priority axis VII, “Environment-friendly transport”.

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