City bypass will ease congestion and improve road safety

A new road will divert through-traffic around Przemyśl in south-eastern Poland, improving quality of life in the city.

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By reducing journey times, the bypass is expected to bring cost savings of approximately 6 million euros a year.

Major east-west transport route

The new stretch of road will pass to the east of Przemyśl. It will link two national roads and include a 500 m bridge over the river San. One of the national roads, DK 28, is a major east-west transport route that currently passes through Przemyśl en route to the border crossing with Ukraine, just 12 km away at Medyka.

The new bypass will be two lanes wide and 3.44 km long. Other roads will be adapted to intersect with the new road, including national and local roads of 0.7 km and 4.3 km in length respectively. It will also be widened to include footpaths and cycle paths and a noise barrier will be provided. A level crossing will be built where the bypass intersects with the railway.

Taking through-traffic out of the city centre will improve road safety in the city, offer better access to businesses, enhance protection of the historical quarter, and reduce the number of vehicles transporting dangerous loads through the town. The bypass, the construction of which is expected to create some 900 jobs over two years, will pass through areas of the town that are sparsely populated and partly farmland.

Second oldest city in Poland

Przemyśl is the second oldest city in Poland, after Krakow, and lies on historically important trading routes. It is located in the province (‘voivodeship’) of Podkarpackie, which borders Ukraine to the east and Slovakia to the south. Przemyśl is the second largest city in the province, with a population of 67 000, after the administrative capital, Rzeszów (pop. 180 000). Podkarpackie is one of the most densely wooded provinces in Poland, and has mainly hilly or mountainous terrain. It includes two national parks (with a third being planned) and is popular for tourism and recreation activities.

Total and EU funding

The project “Construction of eastern ring road of Przemyśl linking national road no 77 with national road no 28” has estimated costs eligible for funding of EUR 52 509 414, to which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 44 633 002 in the programming period 2007-2013.

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