Bringing broadband to more people

Constructing a broadband network in eastern Poland looks set to benefit thousands of local residents. The scheme eliminates the digital divide in areas that are currently deprived of basic broadband – it also brings super-fast services within reach of more people and businesses.

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This project delivers a fibre-based broadband network which will complement telecommunications infrastructure that belongs to existing operators in the region. The network therefore offers open, non-discriminatory access to companies that provide wholesale and “last mile” broadband services to local residents and businesses.

Along with providing access to basic broadband services, the new network can be used to supply Next Generation Access Network (NGA) services. NGA offers an upgrade of current broadband through increased speeds and improved quality of services.

Serving the Digital Agenda

In term of providing access to basic broadband and NGA services, the project directly contributes to meeting objectives laid down in the EU’s Digital Agenda for Europe. The Agenda was launched in 2010 and lays down a set of objectives which will help Europe’s citizens and businesses make the most of digital technologies.

The project’s main technical component consists of laying a 2 006 km-long fibre optical network, which links to 189 network distribution nodes and 14 “backbone” nodes. To obtain an even spread of capacity and penetration, the work is split into 14 areas, which correspond to the backbone nodes. Areas for intervention have been carefully defined through an analysis and mapping process, which follows recommendations from the European Commission. The investment package also provides a training element to increase broadband uptake and raise awareness about the services on offer.

Getting connected

When completed, the project will bring broadband within reach of an additional 122 660 people. What is more, 276 000 people will gain potential access to NGA services. In terms expanding access, 96.5 % of the region’s population will be within reach of basic broadband infrastructure, up from 90.8 % before project completion; and the percentage of population that can access NGA services rises from 60.4 % to 74.3 %.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Broadband network in Eastern Poland – Podkarpackie region” is EUR 60 150 233, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 51 127 697 through the "Information society infrastructure" priority of the “Development of Eastern Poland” Operational Programme for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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