Boosting gas storage capacity in Poland

A project to increase the capacity of an underground gas storage facility will help Poland cope with growing demand for gas and improve the country’s overall energy security.

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The goal is to expand capacity at the Wierzchowice Underground Gas Storage Facility (PMG Wierzchowice) from the current  575 million m3 up to 1 200 million m3. Work will cover the construction and modernisation of infrastructure along with the installation of equipment required to service the underground sections of PMG Wierzchowice. New facilities will be introduced for the extraction and injection of natural gas. In addition, technical equipment will be used to clean, dry and measure the amount of gas which is taken in and out of storage.

Strategic benefits

The project dovetails with broader plans to increase the size of some of Poland’s other underground gas storage facilities. Boosting reserves of gas should enable the country better manage growing demand for natural gas and guarantee uninterrupted supplies regardless of technical, climatic or political issues.

The construction of extra storage capacity will also create conditions for diversifying gas supplies in accordance with the EU’s trans-European energy network (TEN-E). The TEN-E programme aims to improve energy infrastructures across Europe in order to strengthen security of supply and reduce reliance on energy imports.

Project beneficiaries will include organisations that are active in the gas transmission and distribution business, as well as those using gas storage services on a Third Party Access (TPA) basis – especially operators in the gas extraction, trading and storage sectors. (TPA permits competitors in the energy sector to use each other’s facilities under certain circumstances.)

Gas consumers – including private households, industry and power generators – will also benefit as the expanded storage facility will help to ensure that there are less interruptions to supply.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Wierzchowice Underground Gas Storage Facility" is EUR 256 416 148, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 146 157 204 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. The project is funded through the priority “Energy security including the diversification of energy sources” of the Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment”. 

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