Bialystok city in tune with opera and orchestra

With a culturally diverse population and located at the crossroads of Eastern and Western cultures, the region of Podlaskie and its newly constructed European Art Centre in central Bialystok will soon be playing host to spectacular music and artistic events.

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The opera and philharmonic centre, including four main halls, an amphitheatre and restaurants, will provide more seating capacity, better performance conditions and a more enjoyable spectator experience.

Centre designed for enjoyment by all

The Philharmonic Orchestra in Bialystok is currently hosted in a building with a 450-seat capacity. This project represents the final (2nd stage) construction phase of the new Podlaskie Opera and Philharmonic Hall, a modern and multifunctional concert hall of the highest global quality standards in terms of architecture and acoustics, offering a unique combination of greenery and buildings. Some 182 jobs will be created during the initial development stage, a further 50 over the longer term. The concert hall will be located in Central Park, in Bialystok city centre, with greater accessibility to culture for residents, including the disabled, being one of the central aims of the project.

Greater capacity for performers and spectators

The main parameters of the opera building are total surface area 16 108 m2 and building volume 108 868 m3. It will have 4 halls: Main Hall for 803 spectators, with the possibility of extending to 1 028 and including ground floor, balconies and private boxes; Cameral Hall for 120-150 spectators; Orchestra Rehearsal Hall for 80 musicians; and Chorus Rehearsal Hall for choral groups of up to 70 members. 

The facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art communication and sound systems. The sound system will be extremely flexible and able to adapt to different acoustic needs. Other fixed installations and equipment (such as movable platforms, lighting, acoustic regulation system, event servicing equipment, temporary lifts and supports, ladders, etc.) also come under the project. 

In addition, the building will include an amphitheatre with 650 seats, a foyer (surface area ca. 1 000 m2) for organising cultural activities, and other facilities such as administration offices and restaurants.

Sound economic prospects

By 2013, the annual number of spectators is expected to reach 117 190, with tourist numbers to Bialystok and Podlaskie Voivodeship also up, contributing to a boost for the local economy.  In the area surrounding the project site, land values are also forecast to rise substantially, as a direct result of this project and other investments, giving a new profile to the local urban area as an attractive place to live and work.

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