Better connections for Malta

The reconstruction and upgrade of five sections of the road network in Malta and Gozo will improve the connectivity of the Maltese islands both in domestic and international terms, reduce journey times and improve road safety.

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The five sections, all part of the trans-European transport network (TEN-Т), cover roads in Luqa, Floriana, Marsa, Mellieha and Naxxar in Malta and in Victoria in Gozo which are being upgraded to meet the current and future economic and social needs of the islands.

Five projects in one for Malta and Gazo

The reconstruction and upgrade of these sections of road, all on route 1 and route 6, will be undertaken as five sub-projects.

The first sub-project involves the reconstruction and upgrade of a 2.2 km section of road on the Council of Europe Avenue and the Garibaldi Avenue in Luqa. The second sub-project involves the construction and upgrading of the sea passenger terminal access road at Floriana/Marsa, while the third sub-project comprises the reconstruction and widening of Marfa Road, Mellieha. Sub-project four covers the reconstruction and upgrading of the 3.4km of road network between Ghajnsielem and Victoria in Gazo, including the reconstruction and upgrading of three main junctions, two roundabouts and a traffic signal junction. Finally, the fifth sub-project involves the reconstruction of the 2 km link road bypassing the village of Mellieha.

As well as improving conditions for drivers, the project will benefit pedestrians, cyclists and public transport providers with the construction of a number of pedestrian footpaths, pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes and the improvement of existing public transport facilities along bus routes.

Benefits for the citizens of Malta

The main beneficiaries of the new infrastructure, to be managed by the Malta Transport Authority, will be the citizens of Malta, as well as all visitors to the islands and its business community.

Motorists and other road users will find journeys along these road sections far easier following the project’s completion. It will improve the flow of traffic, resulting reduced journey times and improved road safety. By providing better access to ports and reducing costs for transport operators, the project is also expected to have a positive impact on the local manufacturing industry.

In terms of statistics, it is predicted that the project will lead to a 10% increase in the satisfaction rate of transport operators and users, a 10% reduction in traffic accidents and a five minute reduction in journey times.

The project will have a low-impact on the environment but environmental benefits could in fact be achieved through the installation of new energy efficient street lighting.

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