Improving Latvian road links

This project involves reconstructing 32.7 km of TEN-T roads and constructing 17.3 km of local link roads. The stretch targeted, the E22’s Ludza – Terehova section, is located in eastern Latvia and is the last section of main road before hitting the Russia border.

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Given the inadequacy of the current road, the project will construct a route that meets international standards with increased manoeuvring options and greater capacity and traffic safety. With higher speeds and smoother traffic flows, the estimated value of journey time savings is €70 756 000.

Reinforcing a strategic link

The stretch of the road covered by the project is part of the Ventspils – Riga – Rezekne – Terehova route and handles transits between the Latvian ports in Liepaja, Ventspils and Riga and ports in Russia. The E22’s Ludza - Terehova section is located in eastern Latvia (Latgale region) and is the last section of the A12 (E22) main road before the Russia border. The project stretch is the most used section for freight transit traffic in the country, carrying about 25% of heavy goods vehicles between Latvian ports and Russia and about 75% of heavy goods vehicles between Lithuania, Poland and Russia.

However, the existing road conditions and capacity are inadequate. There are two railway crossings which increase risks to traffic safety and cause delays, as well as many junctions that can result in congestion, bottlenecks and accidents, with several places officially recognised as accident black spots. Other problems are caused by queues of cargo transport before the Latvian-Russian border, often stretching dozens of kilometres.

Efficient network for users

In response, the road constructed under the project will meet international standards in terms of geometric alignment and pavement design. It involves improving and reconstructing the main A12 road (section Ploski-Terehova) and upgrading sections of local roads between Ludza and Ploski.

The reconstruction includes preparation works, earth works, pavement construction, and the installation of traffic guidance equipment and lighting at six junctions. Two new bridges will be built, another three upgraded. Four new underpasses will also be built. A total of 17.3 km of local link roads with gravel surface will be constructed, with several junctions closed and one new junction built. The new road will be suitable for speeds of up to 90 km/h.

For road users, especially long-distance road users and heavy goods vehicle operators, the benefits come in the form of better traffic safety at crossings and junctions, smoother and faster traffic flows, and lower vehicle operating costs and road maintenance costs. The journey time between Ludza and Terehova should be about 10 minutes faster. By diverting transit traffic from urban areas, the project will also contribute to an enhanced quality of life for local people with lower levels of pollution.

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