Rolling out the tram in Palermo

Three new tram routes will help cut congestion and improve air quality in the populous Sicilian capital.

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The new tram service will extend the public transport network, adding 15 km of track to complement the existing bus, metro and urban train services.

Targeting traffic congestion

Palermo’s public transport authority AMAT has designed the tram project to improve connections between the city centre and its peripheral areas in an attempt to reduce private car use in the heavily congested city.

The three new tram lines and 17 units of rolling stock will create links between the existing bus, metro and train networks, and should benefit transport users as well as reducing pollution for Palermo’s 700 000 inhabitants as well as 1 million more people who live in 27 municipalities around the outskirts of the city.

Three new routes to the outskirts

The 5.6 km Roccella line will link the Roccella industrial zone in the south-east of Palermo with the city’s central rail station. The Leonardo da Vinci line will connect the neighbourhood of Borgo Nuovo to the west of the city with Notarbartolo rail station in the north-west of the centre, along 4.8 km of track. And the 4.9 km CEP-Calatafimi line with connect the city centre with the Calatafimi exit on the motorway ring road.

EU and total funding

The project “Construction of 3 tramway lines in Palermo” has eligible costs of EUR 194 851 959, to which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 68 665 830.

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