Redeveloped road to upgrade volcano escape route

A national road just north of Mount Vesuvius in Italy is to undergo work to improve regional accessibility. This will also create a better escape route for local people, in the event of a big volcanic eruption or earthquake.

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This project will focus on building a new junction between the SS268 national road and a stretch of motorway that runs between Naples and Salerno. Local roads around Angri are also to be connected to the national road.

Regional accessibility gains

The city of Naples relies heavily on the A3/E45 motorway for fast connections to the south of Italy. However, Campania has long wanted to make greater use of the SS268 road, which snakes around the northern part of Mount Vesuvius National Park. Creating better links in this area between local and national roads will facilitate traffic flow around this historically famous region.

Today, the southern part of the SS268 ends just a few kilometres short of the A3 motorway, linking up only with the national road formerly known as the S18. Under the new project, due for completion by late 2015, the SS268 and former-S18 roads will be linked directly to the motorway. In total, the new infrastructure will comprise three junctions and a tollbooth.

Vesuvius escape route too

Once the project is completed, the former-S18 road will feature a new junction with the A3 motorway (Naples-Salerno), just west of the town of Angri. This junction will make up 95 % of the project’s infrastructure. Completion ramps will also be built at the junction between the SS18 and former-S18 roads; two local slip roads are to be constructed at the junction leading to the former-S18 road. Altogether, this will result in 6.9 km of new road.

The engineering work – especially the new connection to the A3 motorway – is expected to smooth road traffic and shorten journey times locally. The main beneficiaries will be three towns: Angri, S. Antonio Abate and Scafati. The project will also directly create some 70 jobs during the implementation phase.

If Mount Vesuvius ever erupts again, the SS268 and its new links to the national and motorway network could also serve as an important alternative escape route for thousands of people living in the shadow of the world-famous volcano.

Total and EU funding

The project “S.S. 268 del Vesuvio – Lavori di costruzione del 3° tronco compreso lo svincolo di Angri” has a total eligible budget of EUR 53 414 900, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 26 707 500 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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