Completing the extension of Naples’ metro line 1

This project sees civil and technical works carried out on Naples’ metro line 1 between Dante and Garibaldi and Centro Direzionale in order to complete the extension of the line.

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The project, part of a wider transportation investment programme for city, aims to improve the quality and the quantity of services available to commuters, increase the market share of public transport and reduce congestion issues on the urban road network. It will supplement construction work that had already begun and was almost completed in some cases (for example, stops and tunnels).

Closing the ring of metro line 1

The extension of metro line 1, with the addition of a new section between the stops of Dante and Centro Direzionale, is part of the planned ring-shaped line which connecting Naples' downtown and its surrounding municipalities. Managed by Metronapoli S.p.A, (almost fully owned by the Municipality of Naples), the extension project awill provide a new section of metro line, 5.1 km in length, along with a double track tunnel and five stops (Toledo, Municipio, Università, Duomo and Central Station).

Apart from finishing works already in progress, the completion project will focus on urban renewal at station sites, technological works for rail equipment (catenary system and electricity supply network, signalling, spacing and traffic management system) and other civil works related to the stations.

Tangible benefits for road and rail

The project fulfils priorities defined in the Campania Regional Operational Programme 2007-13 under the theme of ‘Accessibility and Transport’. On a practical level, the extension will complete the ring shape of metro line 1; it will reduce the need for commuters to change their mode of transport changes at Piscinola station and at Dante station and, in keeping with the theme of urban renewal, it will improve accessibility to new stops and add value to the neighbourhoods crossed by the metro line.

It is predicted that the project will directly benefit Dante-Garibaldi’s population of 72 000 residents and 70 000 workers and, when cars and buses travelling into the area are taken into account, a wider population of approximately 390 000 citizens. In addition, some stops will become important modal interchange nodes.

Therefore, indirectly, the project will benefit the whole population of the Naples metropolitan area (2.6 million inhabitants), improving the quality and the quantity of services available to commuters and reducing congestion for drivers.

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