Sewerage and wastewater treatment project of Nyíregyháza and its environs

The area involved in the project is the Nyíregyháza wastewater agglomeration. At present, sewage supply of the general population stands at around 81% in the area. Following the realisation of the project this ratio will increase to 96%, and the treatment capacity for the higher amount of collected waste water will also be provided for.
The objective of the project is to stop groundwater pollution under its geographical area and to improve the quality of life of the population, especially those in the vicinity of transfer stations and receptors.

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Project description

The project consists of extending the sewage network in Nyíregyháza by almost 200 km, renovating and upgrading Wastewater Treatment Plant No 2 of the city, and building a new composting plant receiving sludge from both wastewater treatment plants in Nyíregyháza.

What are the project likely benefits?

The project will result in better waste water services to the population concerned. The possibility to connect to the sewerage network will be provided to an additional population of 18 375. The project will help to improve the environmental quality of life of the population of Nyíregyháza. Additional expected socio-economic benefits of the project are: increased attractiveness of the area for investment and an increase in property values.

What are the project likely environmental benefits?

Groundwater and subsoil pollution is expected to decrease in the project area. The project is expected to contribute to the protection of water resources. In addition, the biogas generated during digestion will be used for energy production and replace energy otherwise produced from fossil fuels; thus the project will also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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