Sewer connection rate set to soar

The town of Székesfehérvár and surrounding areas will soon have more residents connected to the local sewer system, contributing to a better quality of life and cleaner environment.

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In the three surrounding settlements, there is currently no sewer connection in place, so life is about to change markedly for residents. Overall, almost 7 000 new households will be connected.

Improving the quality of life

The project covers the remaining unconnected areas of Szekesfehervar (connection rate to jump from 91.5% to 96%) as well as the three surrounding settlements of Pátka, Pákozd and Seregélyes. The benefits will be noticeable in these three currently unconnected areas. The result will be better wastewater services, improved quality of life and substantially diminished pollution. The connection rate is expected to reach over 80% by 2013 and close to 100% in the coming decade. Once completed, an additional population of 20 552 will be connected.

Sewer network getting pumped up

The extension aspect of the project consists of further development of the Székesfehérvár sewer network, including partial reconstruction of core sewers, construction of common regional facilities, construction of new sewer systems in Pátka, Pákozd and Seregélyes villages, and connection of these to the Székesfehérvár system. The project will provide 6 744 new household connections, 148.8 km of gravity sewers and 41 km of pressure sewers with the necessary pumping and lifting stations. The wastewater from these municipalities will be transported through an integrated sewer system to an existing central wastewater treatment plant in Szekesfehervar (providing secondary treatment).
In terms of sewer reconstruction works, the bore trunk sewer under Budai Road will be reconstructed with vitrified clay pipes of the same diameter covering approximately 1 000 metres. Elsewhere, the sewer under the Seregélyes – Adony road will be upgraded over an 874-metre stretch. As part of the reconstruction work, the downstream reach of the sewer under Fiskális Road needs to be extended to carry the flow discharged from the new sewers in the Pátka, Csala and Öreghegy areas.

Natural environment stands to gain

For the environment, the project also brings good news, as it will eventually stop wastewater infiltration in the soil, pollution of the groundwater, and pollution of Velence Lake, which is a National Nature Conservation Area.

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