Hany-Tiszasüly flood-level-reducing reservoir

The project is part of the Improvement of the Vásárhelyi Plan (IVP) programme to develop the Tisza Valley flood-control system. The objectives of the project is to help keep flood waves under the design flood levels.

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Project description

The project is a reservoir bordered by dykes, with controllable water intake/outlet structures. The Hany-Tiszasüly flood-level-reducing reservoir will cover an area of 55.7 km2 and be capable of receiving 247 million m3 of water if it is filled up to its maximum storage level of 90.05 m above Baltic Sea level, in which case the average water depth will be 4.4 m. The area of the reservoir will be bordered by dykes of building level of 91.05 m above sea level. New bordering levees of 24 980 m length will be built and existing dykes of 6 680 m in length will be improved. The crest width of the dykes will be 5 m; the inclination of the slope will be 1:3 on both sides. The characteristic height of the dykes above field level is 5.0 to 5.5 m. Groundwater observation wells and observation equipment needed for quantitative and qualitative monitoring of the water in the reservoir will be deployed and the natural values in the natural and semi-natural habitats of the areas affected will be surveyed for the environmental monitoring system. The operating regulations and action plan for the reservoir are designed to minimise any undesirable environmental impact.

What are the project likely benefits ?

The reservoir contributes to keep flood waves under the design flood levels and allows landscape management in better harmony with the natural conditions.

What are the project likely environmental benefits ?

Water intake into the reservoir for the purposes of landscape management in better harmony with the natural conditions will be possible. The canal system of the reservoir will also be cleaned up and maintained in a manner appropriate to the needs of such landscape management. The borrow areas will be shaped in the right form (e.g. slope) for a wetland function.

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