Greater handling capacity for wastewater and sewerage

As part of efforts to protect the environment and the health of residents, this project will extend the sewage network in Érd, Diósd and Tárnok as well as the wastewater treatment plant in Érd. Works will include the building of 71 pumping stations and upgrading of another 15.

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For the region, the project’s impacts will include putting a stop to groundwater pollution, improving the environmental quality of life of those living in the settlements concerned, and improving the environmental conditions for sustainable development.

More residents hooked up to services

Following completion of the extension works and improvements, an additional 58 400 people will be served by the network. The three main components of the project are:

  • Sewerage: the sewerage network will be extended in the urban areas of Érd, Tárnok and Diósd. Altogether, 28 976 new household connections will be established. The total length of the newly constructed collection network will be 442 km. Furthermore, 9.4 km of the existing network will be reconstructed. Throughout the building phase, the breeding season of protected birds in nearby Natura 2000 areas will be fully respected.
  • Wastewater treatment: the current wastewater treatment plant in Érd will be developed and extended to cope with a population equivalent of 139 833, and be equipped with a hydraulic load capacity of 16 300 m3/d. The plant will eventually be able to comply with discharge limits applicable in sensitive areas.
  • Sludge treatment: sewage sludge will be stabilised by anaerobic digestion and used for agricultural purposes.

Putting a stop to pollution

The new network will result in better wastewater services provided to the local population and an increased number of people supplied by wastewater collection and treatment. Groundwater pollution is also expected to decrease in the project area as a direct result of the sewerage extension and reconstructions, alongside better quality wastewater treatment in the Érd wastewater treatment plant. In economic terms, 180 new jobs will be created during the initial construction and development stage of the project, a further 17 over the long term, providing a further boost to the local economy.

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