Development of the wastewater treatment and sewerage in Békéscsaba County Rank City

The project consists of the extension of the sewage network in the Békéscsaba agglomeration and the technological development of the wastewater treatment plant of Békéscsaba.
The main objectives of the 'Development of the wastewater collection and treatment system in Békéscsaba County Rank City' project are to protect the surface water by improving the quality of the wastewater treatment plant effluent, to protect the subsurface water (groundwater) resources by expanding the sewer network within the administration area of Békéscsaba, and to provide adequate sewage collection and treatment to the population concerned in accordance with national and EU regulations.

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Project description

The project will involve establishing the local collecting sewer systems, pressure pipes and related pumping stations in areas currently having no sewerage. The extension of the sewerage system covers some currently un-connected areas of the inner City of Békéscsaba, and certain districts within the administration area of the City (Mezőmegyer, Fényes, Gerla) with separated sewerage systems. More than 20,000 people will be served by the extension of the sewerage network.
With this project, the wastewater treatment plant of Békéscsaba will be able to provide an enhanced biological treatment with nutrient removal thus resulting in the improvement of the recipient water quality – Élővíz channel – and indirectly that of the Kettős-Körös. A modern and cost-effective process will also be established for treating the excess sludge from the wastewater treatment line.

What are the project likely benefits?

The project will result in better waste water services and increased environmental quality of life to a population of 73 477. Additional expected socio-economic benefits of the project are: increased attractiveness of the area to investments, and value increase of the properties concerned by the developments.

What are the project likely environmental benefits?

Groundwater and subsoil pollution will be decreased in the project area. The project will also contribute to the protection of water resources via improved waste water treatment. In addition, the biogas generated during digestion will be used for energy production and replace energy otherwise produced from fossil fuels; thus the project will also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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