Budapest tramlines set for major upgrade

Two of the Hungarian capital’s six tramlines are to be modernised and one of them extended as part of a major project to improve the city’s public transport links.

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In total, seven kilometres of new tram track will be added to tramline 1 and 25 km of track on lines 1 and 3 will be extensively modernised. Once the work is completed, around a quarter of a million city inhabitants are directly set to benefit from improved public transport and an extra 84 000 passengers are expected to use the improved tramlines on a daily basis. In addition, new and revamped stations along the lines will be fully accessible to passengers with disabilities.

Air pollution in the city is expected to improve as travellers will be increasingly drawn to using public rather than private transport as a result of the improvements. The travel time savings are estimated at around 9 000 passenger hours per day.

Improving transport links and connections

The extension of tramline 1 will start at the Pest-side bridgehead of Lágymányosihíd and extend the line to Fehéraviút. The project also includes remodelling existing stops along tramlines 1 and 3, renovating power supply systems, providing real time passenger info6rmation services at tram stops, installing new signalling systems, improving sections of road to improve accessibility to trams and giving priority to trams at road crossings, as well as the building of green areas. The project will allow bus route 103 to be modified to improve connectivity with tram routes.

It is anticipated that 14 jobs will be created once the scheme is up and running and eight jobs will be created during the project’s construction phase.

Budapest’s tram lines of the future

The project is the first phase of a scheme to improve tramlines 1 and 3 in Budapest. A second phase will include further extending tramline 1 to Eteletér and extending the northern terminus of route 3 to Béketér and the southern terminus to Vársháztér.

Although new rolling stock is not included in the project, Hungary is planning to procure new rolling stock for a number of public transport services in Budapest.

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